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Uncategorized October 9, 2023

Maximizing LinkedIn for Marketing: Strategies for Success

Writen by Chinthaka

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In the world of social media, LinkedIn stands out as a professional hub where businesses grow, and networks thrive. With over 950 million members worldwide, including 16 million in Australia and New Zealand, it’s more than just a platform for connections – it’s a vital tool for marketing. Let’s explore the opportunities and strategies for maximizing LinkedIn for your marketing success.

01. Expansive Reach

LinkedIn houses over 63 million companies and allows your advertisements to reach up to 14.6% of the world’s population. This extensive reach makes it an ideal platform to connect with both professionals and companies alike.

2. Engagement

40% of LinkedIn visitors engage with a page organically each week. Regular posting can significantly enhance your visibility. Pages posting weekly have 5.6 times more followers than those posting monthly, ensuring your content gains the traction it deserves.

3. Advertise Effectively

An ad on LinkedIn not only broadens your reach but also elevates your brand’s perception. Brands advertising on LinkedIn are seen as “higher quality” by 50% of respondents, while 92% are considered more professional, 74% more intelligent, and 59% more respectable.

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Linkedin was rated the #1 pltform for B2B lead generation.
2- 0 X
Business see a 2-3x lift in brand attributes when advertising on Linkedin.
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Brands have seen 33% increase in purchse intent from ad exposure on Linkedin
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40% of B2B marketers survaived indicated Linkedin as the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads.
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Merketers see up to 2x higher conversion rates on linkedin.
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Audiance exposed to brand and acquisition messages on Linkedin are 6x more likely to convert.

4. Consistent Posting

With 2.7 million companies posting on LinkedIn every day, consistent and quality content is crucial to stand out. Your brand gains momentum and recognition through regular, engaging posts tailored to your audience.

5. Leverage Newsletters and Content

Utilize LinkedIn’s platform for sharing valuable content and updates. With over 36,000 newsletters, offering insightful and relevant content can position your brand as an industry leader.

6. Optimized Conversion Rates

Marketers experience a conversion rate up to 2x higher on LinkedIn. Effective marketing strategies on LinkedIn translate to tangible results, enhancing your lead conversion and boosting your ROI.


In the competitive marketing landscape, LinkedIn emerges as a powerful tool for expanding reach, enhancing engagement, and optimizing conversion rates. Jigsaw Ensemble offers comprehensive LinkedIn marketing services tailored to propel your brand to new heights. Enhance your LinkedIn marketing strategies and maximize your LinkedIn presence and witness unparalleled growth and success with Jigsaw.

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