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Storage King

How we transformed 2D creatives to 3D for storage king


Storage King is the number one choice for self-storage, with a huge network of stores and over 20 years of expertise in storage, moving and more. Whether one is upsizing, downsizing or something in between, Storage King has a wide variety of options from convenient locations to the choice of packaging and offers customized solutions to their customers.


Jigsaw Ensemble offers an array of digital marketing and digital growth services ranging from digital strategy to social media marketing to SEM and SEO marketing and as such we have extensive understanding and experience with businesses, services, and branding in the industry. We’ve worked with Storage King on their social media marketing and creative services for over two years and having helped deliver dozens of campaigns are their trusted digital marketing service provider.

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The Problem

As a long-standing client of ours, Storage King approached us with an urgent need to develop creative content to support the TV advertising campaign that was less than 4 weeks away from launch. The new advertising campaign was developed in 3D, whereas all of their social assets were in 2D, and as such a transformation of these assets from 2D to 3D was required to execute their marketing strategy.

Storage King was well aware of our experience and expertise in the animation and design space, and they raised the bar in terms of what was required from our team of animators and designers. While the budget and timelines were tight, and the effort required large, our team took the challenge on in stride.

The Process

Our work began by commencing research into the three characters and backgrounds that were required by Storage King. Conscious that these characters would need to appeal to the majority of the community, our team considered a variety of ages, gender, and ethnicity and developed characters that aligned by the guiding principles.


For background creatives, we selected options that held the most appeal in terms of self-storage, i.e., a cluttered house, and an uncluttered house and a storage facility. To add to the challenge, we opted to build dynamic 3D backgrounds, which, when compared with static 3D backgrounds, will enable Storage King to develop variety into their creatives moving forward.


Upon completion of research and design, our development team took over to bring the designs to life, working on shapes, rigging and detailing the characters and backgrounds to be 4K quality with each milestone being reviewed and signed off with the client. We apply this collaborative development methodology to all our work enabling us to capture any feedback early on and ensure that the end product aligns with the client’s requirements.


A detailed sample of this process is outlined in the images below, highlighting each step, from the initial sketch to the finalized model in the development process.

Increase in Organic Traffic

In addition to creating a final product that fit within Storage King’s specification and budget, we were also able to deliver the product ahead of schedule, allowing for the launch of their social campaign in line with the TV campaign. Additional creative assets, like web banners, posters etc. were also added to the scope of our work and delivered on time along the way.

The Success

The team at Jigsaw Ensemble is incredibly proud of the work we did to deliver quality results for our client Storage King who was happy with our process and output. Although the timelines were tight, we remain true to our process that continually delivers quality. The team at Jigsaw Ensemble are eagerly waiting our next challenge be it from Storage King or any other client.

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