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Bringing Cintru's Vision to Life: A Successful Online Cinnamon Store by


Introducing Cintru, purveyors of premium Ceylon Cinnamon, we at Jigsaw Ensemble were thrilled to bring their vision to life. When Cintru approached Jigsaw, they had a tight timeline for launching their online store and a clear goal in mind: to offer the best cinnamon to their customers, with a user-friendly shopping experience.


Jigsaw rose to the challenge and created a custom website from scratch using WordPress. The advantages of WordPress, such as its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, made it the perfect choice for Cintru’s needs. The result is a beautiful, responsive site that can be viewed and used on any device, with an integrated payment gateway that allows customers to purchase their cinnamon using multiple payment options.

But Jigsaw’s services didn’t stop there. We also provided top-notch content writing services for the website, highlighting the unique qualities of Ceylon Cinnamon and why it stands out in a market crowded with other less premium options.

The end result was a website that exceeded Cintru’s expectations. has been a resounding success since its launch, attracting a large number of visitors and generating positive revenue growth. Jigsaw’s expertise in creating custom websites and providing high-quality content writing services helped bring Cintru’s vision to life. We were honoured to be a part of Cintru’s journey so far.

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