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A genuine measured gets done.

To achieve growth, you must know what it is you’re measuring. Digital Growth is defined as the increase or decrease of your Digital Value over time.

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Positioning websites for digital heavy lifting calls for a distinct approach to both web design and digital strategy, and that’s what drives us here at Jigsaw Ensemble. Our approach involves three essential areas of focus.

Strategic Planning

Would you build a house without Neither would we…

Digital Marketing

Employing a more holistic, data-driven . approach to growing your business online.

UI/UX Design

User focused design requires understanding & the brand audience, identifying problems...

Web Development

We design intuitive website experiences or real people that focus on results...


What exactly is your Digital Value?

Whether it’s a website, marketing program, or an app, we understand there’s an outcome that is desired. It is our goal to help customers define a group of metrics which can be measured to reflect the progress of our efforts. With some not-so-fancy math, we take those metrics and determine a “score” across all of the defined measurements. This is what we call your Digital Value. Icon Icon Icon
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Improving your digital value

Next, is the fun part, improving this value and keeping the momentum moving upwards! Digital Growth is equal to your Digital Value, times positive forces, minus negative force. Sounds complicated written out like this, but it’s really pretty simple… What can we do to overcome the hurdles we’re going to face to improve the results of our most important metrics.


We take pride in the relationships we've built with brands across industries and geographies. Whether you're a local business or an international enterprise, we can tailor our services to match your needs.

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