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iDesignBlinds from scratch.

From 0 to 100: How we created an online store for


iDesignBlinds is the number one choice for DIY roller blinds for shoppers in Sydney. With an extensive selection available, choices range from bold and contemporary to understated and elegant. Each roller blind is made right here in Australia and is further customisable to customer taste and preference. Shoppers can choose from blockout fabrics to keep out the sun and heat and sheer fabrics that minimise glare without compromising on the view.


Jigsaw Ensemble offers an array of digital marketing and digital growth services ranging from digital strategy to social media marketing to SEM and SEO marketing and as such we have extensive understanding and experience with businesses, services, and branding in the industry. We’ve worked with Storage King on their social media marketing and creative services for over two years and having helped deliver dozens of campaigns are their trusted digital marketing service provider.

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The Problem

A breakout to the industry, iDesignBlinds wanted to turn their vision of offering convenience to consumers by shopping online for their DIY roller blinds into a reality. Being a small business with a limited online presence, iDesignBlinds needed a way of reaching all their potential customers and processing their orders. They decided on an online store where customers could customise their product, place their order and have it delivered to them. Familiar with our work, they approached us for creating their store and having discussed their goals, budget and timeframe, we were happy to help. While the budget and timelines were tight, and the effort required large, our team took the challenge on in stride.

The Process

We began our work by researching and analysing the demographics of the target customers as well as potential competitors to better understand our client and their position in the market. We also wanted to understand their expectation of customer experience from start to finish in the shopping process, for example, do shoppers who saved items to their cart but did not finish checking out, get reminders to complete their order. 


With simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, our developer team began crafting the initial stages of the online store. From indexing the available products to adding user customisability we created a website that could be updated easily as our client’s business grows and their product offerings and target customer base grows. Convenient tabs on the home page allow customers to browse the store, find out more about iDesignBlinds, contact the iDesignBlinds support team, as well as login to their account to view their order information and checkout history.


Our developers worked together with our creatives team who provided product images as they would appear when installed in the most common room settings. We then integrated real-time email updates to customers regarding their order information. We crafted individual email templates for each stage in order and delivery process so that customers always have the latest update on their order. We also integrated an FAQ section 


Our final integration was a fully customised payment module which allows customers to easily place their order online and have their payment made via credit card, PayPal or Stripe. This module was optimised to the product offerings to make purchases and refunds as seamless as possible for both our client and their customers.

The Success

The final product of our hard work and dedication is a live online store which is a one-stop shop for all customers looking to purchase their roller blinds without having to visit a brick-and-mortar store. Customers are able to complete each step of their process on the site from taking accurate measurements of their windows to customising the fabric to selecting their delivery date. You can check out the store for yourself at!


The team at Jigsaw Ensemble is incredibly proud of the work we did to deliver quality results for our client iDesignBlinds who was happy with our process and output. Although the timelines were tight, we remain true to our process that continually delivers quality. The team at Jigsaw Ensemble are eagerly waiting our next challenge be it from Storage King or any other client.


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