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Branding eCommerce Development Strategy UX/UI Design

Online Marketing For Vehicle Self-Storage Service – Chatswood

  • Strategy : Brand Strategy, Online Store Strategy
  • Design : UI/UX Design, Creative Design
  • Client : Storage King
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Storage King

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The Client

Storage King is the number one choice for self-storage, with a huge network of stores and over 20 years of expertise in storage, moving and more. Whether one is upsizing, downsizing or something in between, Storage King has a wide variety of options from convenient locations to the choice of packaging and offers customized solutions to their customers.


Storage King approached us with an urgent need to promote their vehicle storage service and location – Chatswood. The campaign was due to begin within a week and run for two months promoting the service in Chatswood and its surrounding area while targeting a good strong audience. Storage King’s marketing strategy required the use of a number of our services ranging from Facebook Ads to animations and creatives.

The Approach

Our work began by researching and analysing demographic segments in and around the Chatsworth area that we would target to attract the strongest audience and drive the highest number of conversions. Once strategized, we created three ad sets with automated rules that reduce our cost per conversion. With carefully executed targeted keyword and retargeting campaigns, we were able to achieve our lowest cost conversions to date.

The Result

The team at Jigsaw Ensemble is incredibly proud of the work we did to deliver quality results for our client Storage King who was happy with our process and output. Although the timelines were tight, we remain true to our process that continually delivers quality. The team at Jigsaw Ensemble are eagerly waiting our next challenge be it from Storage King or any other client.


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