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Strategy, UX/UI Design, Web Design

Hearing Clinic B2B Digital Growth

  • Strategy : Brand Strategy, Online Store Strategy
  • Design : UI/UX Design, Creative Design
  • Client : Sunshine Hearing
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Sunshine Hearing Clinic

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Web Design


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The Work

Sunshine Hearing, a two practice locally focussed group operating in the highly competitive hearing sector were seeking to spread hearing health and social awareness through digital mediums. The businesses are long established but they wanted to attract a larger portion of the local population to their products, services and audiologists.

The Process

The local population of Northern New South Wales and Gold Coast regions is arguably, in some demographic segments, especially those in the targeted older population, not as well acquainted with today’s smart devices and digital communication opportunities.

Hence, the design department of Jigsaw Ensemble took extra care in maintaining the utmost level of simplicity and ease of access. Once an uncomplicated design was developed, the development phase took place and the core features including service and product place, text and video were added. After continuous testing phases, the website was shielded with the highest measures of security, to protect clinic and patient data.

The Challenge

Turning many services into solutions takes a lot more than just a refreshed visual identity. Services have to be rethought, systems have to be integrated, and the important bits of the company need to survive the jump. Doing so takes a little bit of everything: ambition, restraint, strategy, and creativity

The Approach

There were more than a few moving parts to think about in the transformation off Sunshine Hearing’s digital face. To tackle them all, Jigsaw Ensemble needed to respect the strengths of an existing and long established brand, and also be nimble enough to meet the challenges of rapidly changing industry, and consumer expectation.

From visual identity, to back-end development, to a new applicant-tracking API, Jigsaw Ensemble brought the pieces together to create an engaging face for an exciting new phase for the brand.

Starting Smart

The stakes for the new site launch were high. Moving without a plan simply wasn’t an option. Our team created a website strategy to lay the foundation for all our digital efforts, including new content, points of conversion, and conversion funnels.

Delivering on the New Brand

It was our job to bring the new, Sunshine Hearing brand to life in digital. Our designer’s vision for the Sunshine Hearing website found new uses for the brand’s primary colour, a bright orange, to generate a sense of boldness and energy without overwhelming the user.


As part of Coolangatta’s and Cabarita’s leading fully integrated Hearing solution clinic, Sunshine Hearing enjoys a leading position in an important industry space. Thanks to the efforts of the Jigsaw Ensemble team, the clinic was able to enter that space with a strong online presence, setting them up for future success.



Stylish visual mobile website

Our design sections are completely responsive and automatically look great on every screens, customised per device breakpoint.


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