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Branding eCommerce Development Strategy UX/UI Design

Fibre Optic Cabling Website Redesign

  • Strategy : Brand Strategy, Online Store Strategy
  • Design : UI/UX Design, Creative Design
  • Client : CPAP Specialists
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Constructive Communications Pty Ltd

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The Client

Constructive Communications provides national reach with local value, service and experience to enable successful telecommunication solutions for national telco organisations. They are an alliance of certified validated providers with an national presence, but also offer state solutions and expertise in the telco market.


Constructive Communications clients are telecommunications fibre optic cabling and network infrastructure specialists and large family office that look for long-term clients in Telecommunications sector. Constructive Communications needed a new brand id, Website, and marketing materials for Constructive Communications that aligned with their mission of being stable and strong network infrastructure sector specialists that provide exclusive access to  their services with a focus on high-quality, large-scale renewables and system-critical assets.

The Approach

Jigsaw Ensemble Marketing specialist focused first on creating a brand id that had strong symbolism based around stability and strength while touching on scalability. Jigsaw Ensemble’s brand id designers worked hard to create a modern version of Constructive Communication as the main focal image of the corporate logo.


User Engagement

Constructive Communications website was designed around a solid user experience strategy to elicit a high engagement among key target audiences interested in exclusive access to long-term Fibre Optic and Network infrastructure solutions. Design and experience decisions were statically crafted to elicit engagement such as engaging videos, robust services case studies, authoritative and thought leadership driven value propositions, custom iconography, and illustrations.

Information Architecture

Information Architectural and navigation systems were created for optimal content engagement and strong search engine optimisation. The brand voice of Constructive Communications exudes professionalism, trust, and thought leadership strategically threaded with smart direct response messaging.

Constructive Communications Website was developed in WordPress from a “branded layout and design” specially.


The Result

The result of the Constructive Communications brand and Website creation is truly immeasurable. Now with a license as a manager telecommunication network infrastructure service provider. The groundwork for Constructive Communications to fully realise their growth potential by diversifying into additional geographies in times of telco transition, demographic growth, and increasing service demand is limitless.

Jigsaw Ensemble was honoured to be selected by Constructive Communications for this project and will be continuing the agency partnership with Constructive Communications Pty Ltd..


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