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Strategy UX/UI Design Web Design

ENT Specialists Clinic Digital Growth

  • Strategy : Brand Strategy, Online Store Strategy
  • Design : UI/UX Design, Creative Design
  • Client : Malouf Medical Pty Ltd
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Malouf Medical Pty Ltd

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The Work

With every passing year, Australians nationwide are increasingly embracing the internet for healthcare services. Hence, the owners of Malouf Medical were planning on moving from the ‘placeholder style’, basic site they had to a more interactive and responsive site. They wanted their practice at Coolangatta, Queensland, to reflect the personality and focus on quality to which their surgeon and other doctors subscribe. The unique challenges of patient privacy and AHPRA guidelines made for an interesting challenge.

The Process

Blending whats possible with today’s web design concepts and tools, with the intimate yet professional feel was the aim – an outcome that wouldn’t mess with the originality of Malouf Medical services. Thanks to the recent advancements in the world of HTML, CSS, and WordPress, our team was able to achieve the kind of relaxed yet clinical persona our client insisted on.

The Challenge

ENT Services are a highly specialised sector of the specialist medical market. This made the marketplace is competitive and unique, with the high standards and levels of service expected from all stakeholders, including patients, guardians, referring GPs, hospitals, health funds, etc.

Co-located within the physical Malouf Medical practice location, ENT, GP subspecialties in Ears and Sleep specialists operate side by side. Patients are referred and attend from the southern Gold Coast to deep into Northern NSW. Catering to the different clinical offerings on the one website was a significant challenge.

The Brand has existed for nearly 20 years and strongly signifies trust. Gecko Media’s task was to develop the brand and to acquire referrals and patients through digital marketing.

The Strategy

Be found! That was the key initial concern. It was as simple as that to start with. When a potential client searched Google they had to rank. Gecko developed extensive research and keyword opportunities using search engine optimisation, link building and pay per click. While focusing on earning search positions with organic search engine marketing tactics such as content marketing and developing trust with Google, Gecko has also extensively used Google Ads to expand Malouf Medical’s brand visibility.

The Digital Marketing Activity

While the majority of our focus was on developing visitors to the website we were also conscious of the fact that reaching the right client, have them interacting at the right time, and seeing and hearing the right message, combine to create a positive enquiries with a better booking potential. An online booking platform and a tracked 1300 number were added to extend and make easier the booking and appointment request process.


Through a combination of search engine marketing, PPC marketing, and new content we developed greater quality enquiry numbers to the site. Further research of the online booking process and the emotional triggers that lead to an enquiry opened up more opportunities to focus on specific service types and patterns that resulted in a better type of enquiry. An initial focus on quantity of leads gradually moved to a focus on the quality of leads. We are constantly refining our Google Ad campaigns, organic listings and content for Malouf Medical.

Act and Convert

Whilst being found online amongst the plethora of competitors is the first step, getting someone to actually make a decision to enquire is the next and more important step. Initially we were delivering the same content to different buyer types. We are constantly revising the content with A/B testing and different varieties of landing pages. We utilised sophisticated analytics and software tools that allow us to delve deep into the performance of each piece of content and user experience.


Stylish visual mobile website

Our design sections are completely responsive and automatically look great on every screens, customised per device breakpoint.


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