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Branding , eCommerce Development , Strategy , UX/UI Design

Bringing Cintru’s Vision to Life: A Successful Online Cinnamon Store by Jigsaw

  • Strategy : Brand Strategy, Online Store Strategy
  • Design : UI/UX Design, Creative Design
  • Client : Cintru Cinnamon
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Cintru Cinnamon

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Cintru, a proud supplier of premium Ceylon Cinnamon, has a singular vision: to provide their customers with the highest quality cinnamon through an accessible, user-friendly online shopping experience. With a tight deadline looming to launch their online store, they partnered with Jigsaw Ensemble.


At Jigsaw, we offer a diverse range of digital growth and marketing services, including website development, content creation, and SEO strategies. With a depth of experience across industries and a focus on delivering bespoke solutions, we’ve proudly worked with Cintru to exceed their digital expectations.

The Challenge

Cintru presented us with a distinct challenge: to establish a custom online store, emphasizing their premium Ceylon Cinnamon’s unique characteristics in a market saturated with less superior options. Their tight timeline for launch added to the challenge, requiring a swift yet well-executed solution.


Despite the constraints, our experienced team of developers, content creators, and digital strategists were more than ready for the challenge, motivated by Cintru’s clear vision and our proven ability to deliver quality results.

The Approach

Our approach involved creating a custom website from scratch using WordPress. With its user-friendly interface, high adaptability, and extensive customization options, WordPress was the ideal choice for meeting Cintru’s specific requirements.

The completed website is a stunning, responsive digital platform, compatible with any device and featuring an integrated payment gateway. This provides Cintru’s customers with a seamless shopping experience, offering multiple convenient payment options.

For content creation, we focused on highlighting the standout qualities of Cintru’s premium Ceylon Cinnamon, effectively differentiating it within a crowded market. This content strategy ensured the brand’s unique selling propositions were front and centre, encouraging visitors to make a purchase.

The Success

The final outcome was a resounding success, exceeding Cintru’s expectations, attracting a substantial number of visitors, and promoting positive revenue growth. At Jigsaw Ensemble, we take immense pride in helping Cintru’s vision become a reality and contributing to their ongoing success story.


Our team eagerly awaits our next challenge, ready to deliver exceptional results for any brand or business seeking a trusted digital marketing partner.


For any digital marketing inquiries, please reach out to us at or visit us at


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