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Branding eCommerce Development Strategy UX/UI Design

Blinds and Shutters Shop

  • Strategy : Brand Strategy, Online Store Strategy
  • Design : UI/UX Design, Creative Design
  • Client : Vision Blinds and Shutters Pty Ltd
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Vision Blinds and Shutters Pty Ltd

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Web Design


Vision Blinds and Shutters came to Jigsaw Ensemble for a website redesign after they realised potential visitors to their client Vision Blinds and Shutters site couldn’t easily find the products they needed. And while Vision Blinds and Shutters is a leader in the blinds, shutters and curtains industry, its website did not reflect that. Outdated images, lack of a good user experience, and a focus solely on stock images was holding them back.

The Human Factor
Vision Blinds and Shutters is a pioneer in the blinds and shutters industry and has a strong focus on quality customer experience.

What was missing from their website was the human factor. Photos of stock products, non business stock images, and the lack of content are, well, hard to relate to. While they make end-goods, but there is an element that makes what they do personal

The Challenge

Their main marketing driver wasn’t their logo, it was their brand position, images, content and an online store customer experience. So our marketing team used that as a starting point to create a website look that tied to their origins but also propelled them to a more modern and timeless feel.
The new design makes sure everyone who visits the site walks away with these impressions:Vison’s product enable customers to improve everyday lives, and make the home a little bit better. This was not reflected on there current website.

The Vision Product Approach

By using products such as the ones Vison Blinds and Shutters makes, people are enhancing their quality of life at home. improving their health and well being. Vision’s products are 100% quality, infinitely stylish, and appealing to all homes and businesses. Vision leads comprehensive efforts to foster a fully circular lifecycle for their customers, friends and families.

Redefining Offerings

As this project launched, our branding minds were hoping to understand Vision’s target personas and found a creative goldmine of opportunity through the Brand Strategy Workshop. They met with Jigsaw Ensemble’s stakeholders to learn more about their company culture, competitors, their target visitor, and their overall unique selling proposition.

From there, Jigsaw Ensemble developed a fresh brand voice and identity with an engaging logo placement and color palette. Vison Blinds and Shutters’s new brand melded perfectly into a winning site strategy that crafted a humanistic element to the company’s overall message while illustrating a more comprehensive view of what the company does and who its products and services benefit.

Making Tech Advancements

As the UX/UI design phase got underway, Jigsaw Ensemble Marketing was able to incorporate imaginative ways to showcase Vison’s product catalogue while also bringing elements of visitor interactivity through the use of modules and rich media. As well, the design team found creative ways to develop shorter click paths to specific content and increase sales lead conversions.


Jigsaw Ensembles team created and implemented a successful brand strategy that included designing and developing a website that met each of the client’s expectations. From their previous site to their new state-of-the-art website, Vision Blinds and Shutters gained the ability to showcase their unique brand and product while also meeting the needs of new and existing customers in a fresh, concise way. Our aim is to provide Jigsaw Ensembles client with  increased product online sales orders, increased quotation requests,  and a powerful new brand story.


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