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Uncategorized July 30, 2023

How to Maximise your work-from-home productivity for 2022

Writen by Chinthaka

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Did you know that while 54% of the workforce would like to continue working from home after the pandemic ends, 42% say they are unable to stay motivated and work without interruptions?

Since we are already 25 months into the pandemic, it can be a good bet that we may have to work from home a while longer and a great bet that we should maximise our productivity while doing so. That’s why we’ve put together some quick and easy steps to help you get the most out of your new workday!

1.Dress up!

Our brains are wired to take cues from social and personal outlook and so when you dress up for work, you’re essentially giving your brain a reason to do it. So, while you may not have Zoom meetings scheduled and while those sweatpants are certainly comfier than dresswear, dressing up can keep you alert through your workday.

2.Customize your environment

Research has shown that having a separate area of your home designated for work can help you stay focused and achieve those goals. While it can be enticing to enjoy the freedom and work from your couch or bed, doing so may bring about a sense of laziness that will hamper your work.

3.Maintain your hours

With the stress of a commute removed from your routine, we can be tempted to increase our flexibility and hours to when work presents itself. While this in itself may not be a bad thing, a consistent schedule can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance, or you may find yourself working longer hours than you had intended!

4.Take those breaks

Since you’re now working from a familiar and comfortable location – your home, you’re essentially working in a place you usually take breaks in! This can easily get messy and cause a build-up of stress. So, plan some proper breaks – full breaks for meals and smaller ones throughout the day. You could leverage that new reminder or timer app you downloaded and put it to good use!

5.Set boundaries for family members

This one can be hard, particularly if you have dependent kids or parents, but by not setting defined times when you cannot be disturbed, you’re encouraging the assumption that since you’re home, you’re available. This can also help avoid the tendency to take on extra housework since you spend more time at home – remember, your work should remain your priority!

With team members working across different countries and time zones, Jigsaw Ensemble was able to fit in to the work from home modus operandi with minimal impact to our operations. In addition, our practice of focusing on productivity and not timekeeping, helps ensure that while our team members deliver on or ahead of schedule, they are also able to make the most of their time at home for leisure too. So whether your team is working from home or back in office don’t forget to check out the ways Jigsaw Ensemble can help boost your organisation’s productivity. To learn more about the services we have to offer, visit us at

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